CNUF Colloquium – The Madeira Days in Portugal

This CNUF Colloquium was attended by important speakers on the implementation of the brand CNUF – Urna Certificada, such as: 

– President of AIMMP, Dr. Vitor Poças, where he made the framework of the CNUF, taking the opportunity to launch a challenge to manufacturers to put more and more seals on the certified urns so that they are also used in Europe, and lastly, to Servilusa as the largest funeral agency in the country to set an example and put CNUF urns on the market;

– Vice-president of ANAFRE, Jorge Veloso, admitted that supervision does not exist and proposes that everything should be CNUF;

– General Director of SERVILUSA, Dr. Paulo Carreira, referred to the importance of Standardisation as an incentive to Regulation and accepted to consider the effective use of CNUF ballot boxes;

– President of ANEL (National Association of Fighting Companies), Carlos Almeida, who has always been very active in the environmental field and favoured the use of CNUF ballot boxes to comply with the Regulations in force;

– CEO of RIKOR , Lusoverniz Group, Engº José Ferraz, available to collaborate and sign protocols with the companies manufacturing CNUF urns for the use of water-based products and to explain their advantages;

– António Rodrigues, Director of the INTERARROD company, emphasised the importance of using solid wood in the CNUF urns;

– The manufacturers of CNUF urns became even more aware of the need to place even more urns on the market, regardless of whether customers request them;

– It is noteworthy that, the production of a manufacturer is almost 100% CNUF urns;- The importance of using CNUF ballot boxes was further reinforced by the important interventions of those present.

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