CNUF® Brand Values

A Sustainable and Certified vision of the Urn Industry


Sustainability - environmental and ecological - is the maintenance of the environment of planet Earth, maintaining the quality of life and ecosystems in harmony with people.


All material that after its use can be broken down by the usual micro-organisms in the environment.

Environmental Protection

All measures that are taken, in public and private contexts, to care for our natural habitat, preserving it from contamination and deterioration.

Process Standardisation

The standardisation of the work carried out by a team or company allows the flow of activities to be executed in a standardised manner, ensuring that the operation is more structured and productive.


Process of evaluation of conformity, carried out by recognised entities, which aims to demonstrate that a given management system, product, process or service fulfils the requirements applicable to it. Definition by APCER - Portuguese Association for Certification.


Quality, according to ISO (International Standardization Organization), is the adequacy and conformity to the requirements that the standard itself and the clients establish. In other words, quality is the level of perfection of a process, service or product delivered by your company.

Added Value

Value Added is the difference between the value of goods produced and the costs of intermediate goods, i.e. goods used to produce other goods such as raw materials and services incorporated in production.


Exporting allows a brand to become internationally known, a desirable and imperative need, to maximise the environmental gains of this brand as well as for the economic advantage for entrepreneurs and their increased environmental awareness.


Set of attributes that confer a differentiating identity.

CNUF® sustainable and certified vision

CNUF® Brand

The Value of Certification

CNUF® is a registered trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) under registration number 013143474 and owned by the AIMMP.

This certification system was developed to ensure compliance with the requirements established for greater ecological and environmental responsibility in the production of funerary urns, with respect to materials and control of production processes.

To ensure the reliability of this certification system, the CNUF® brand has a reputable and independent certification company, guaranteeing that all producers of the brand comply with the same procedures, processes and materials incorporated, thus ensuring a high standard of quality and biodegradability.


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